where I’ve been…

Well, what have I been doing? Besides not blogging, that is… :)

Hmmm…mostly being very pregnant. I’m 37 weeks and 2 days as we speak. Which means any day now is a possibility for labor. I’m a little all over the place about this. The whole labor thing, I mean. Since we’re doing a home birth this time, this means it is ALL natural. I go from being sure God has created my body to do this to being certain I’m going to run screaming out into our backyard from the pain and someone will have to come track me down. I realize I probably won’t be able to RUN anywhere, but this visual persists on entering my brain.

Anywho, to summarize, instead of blogging I’ve been a little preoccupied with carrying a rather large baby inside my tummy.

Two of my sweet, sweet friends and my amazing sister threw me a baby shower. Which then threw me into a nesting frenzy of organizing all the gifts, pulling out all the newborn clothes from the attic, and finishing the nursery. Two separate posts coming soon – one on the awesome shower, and one on the completed nursery. Whoo-hoo!

My nesting has carried over into the outdoors and I’ve been planting, digging, growing, and watering. And enjoying my little watering helper, too.

I’ve been trying to enjoy all her little moments, actually. Really trying to soak up all the last moments of being a family of three. I know four will be wonderful and sweet but it’ll just be different. It won’t ever be the same as it is right now. And that’s okay. We’re just soaking up these moments.

So I’m going to be back blogging fairly regularly, I think. Now that my extreme nesting seems to be coming to a lull. But it did get results a.k.a. a completed nursery. I’m excited to share it with y’all soon!

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4 comments to where I’ve been…

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  2. Kari says:

    Kathryn, you will do great with natural labor! I did it for 15.5 hours with River and every time I think of his birth I get excited and can’t wait to do it again! Just remember that relaxing as much as possible allows your body to do the work faster. Don’t know if you have read (or have time to read before baby comes) ‘Hypnobirthing; The Marie Mongan Method’. It was such a help for me! Can’t wait to see baby girl! You will be in our prayers!

  3. Robyn Farmer says:

    Kat, you look amazing! I can’t wait to see that precious new baby girl, the nursery and your beautiful shower. You’ve got me hooked…I’ll keep a look out.

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