{thrifted} colorful vintage nursery :: part two

I am still loving walking into our new nursery – it just makes me happy. So let’s continue our nursery discussion, shall we? Above is technically the wall behind the door – I wish you could see it without having to come all the way in the room and turn completely around. And then I feel guilty for wishing silly things like that when there are important things that actually matter to think about. But I digress.

Some fun facts: The two embroidered floral pieces (prints? creations? what do you call them?) were thrifted, as were the frames. I made the yarn balls for a baby shower a long time ago and I continue to find random uses for them all over my house. The paper bunting was made by my sister for Baby Sister’s baby shower cake. And at the very bottom of the white shelf thingy is a white diaper pin that was mine and my sister’s. My mom saved it because she is amazing like that. On the right – another cool saving story. Those jeans were my hubby’s dad’s when he was tiny. Seriously, can you believe that?? So Baby Sister’s grandpa wore them. Then my hubby wore them. And then they will hang on the wall of Baby Sister’s room because I cannot in good conscience subject them to another generation of toddlers. The bib above them was mine and my sister’s. Very early 80′s. Gotta represent.

Shelves and aqua bins were a baby shower gift, but came from Lowe’s. The small plaque by Curly Gurl Designs reads, “Welcome to this world, little one. It is even now that much better because you are here.”


Tissue paper flowers were made by my amazing sister for this baby’s sweet baby shower. They hung over the food table at the shower and I told my sister in no uncertain terms that they were mine asked my sister if I could please take them home to use in the nursery. My mom tied/clustered them together for me and perched perilously on a small step ladder to hang them over the crib. I kept telling her I didn’t mind doing it and she just kept eying my ginormous belly. I got her message.

The adorable alphabet cards are free printables from The Handmade Home. I adore them. How can you go wrong in life if H is for high heels and I is for icing? We’re setting Baby Sister up for success, is what we’re doing.


Apparently I am slightly obsessed with pompom fringe. I used some coral/red small trim on the new glider cushions and it makes me so happy. That trim actually came from Walmart (gasp!) and it was pretty cheap. I bought plain white heavier curtains at Lowe’s and just sewed some canary yellow pompom fringe down the inside edge. Love it. I had to order it online – Walmart failed me that time. {By the way, I used curtain clip rings to attach the curtains to the rod so they would slide super easily. I found plain blackout liner fabric for a steal at a local fabric store and I just cut it to size and clipped it to the back of the curtains with the same clip rings. No sewing involved. Bam.}

The needlepointed lady on the nightstand was made by my Gran – my mom’s mom. I love that there is a piece of her in this room. The sweet quilt draped over the crib is one that was made for my hubby when he was a baby.


I put new blue knobs {$2 each at Lowe’s} on the small chest of drawers and spray painted the lamp base yellow. I tied a leftover crib bumper tie around the top of the lamp. {Don’t ask why I had a leftover tie – apparently I cannot count correctly from 1 to 22.} The bunny is the softest stuffed animal I have ever felt and was a gift from my sweet aunt. The mirror was an antique store find in Marble Falls. I love the aging glass on it.


And there you have it. A colorful, vintage, “collected-over-time-look” nursery and guest bedroom combo. And best of all, it is done and waiting for a sweet Baby Sister. I’ll let you know as soon as she arrives! {If you missed part one of the nursery, go here!}

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One comment to {thrifted} colorful vintage nursery :: part two

  1. Meredith says:

    It looks so good!! EG is going to love it. Especially those tissue paper flowers floating over her crib ;)

    Kylie made the paper banner for the cake btw. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

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