baby shower!

Two weekends ago, a sweet old friend, a sweet newer friend, and my sister all joined efforts to throw me a baby shower. It.was.amazing. Beautiful. I am so thankful for all their hard work and planning. They know how to love, and they love me well.

The whole shower was this creative combo of bright colors, happy flowers, amazing food, and sweet memories.

See what I’m talking about…

How happy is that cake?? And who doesn’t love a handmade paper bunting on their cake? So stinkin’ cute. And, at the time, we hadn’t decided on a name for Baby Sister {procrastinate much?} so it says, “Welcome Baby Girl”. She does have a name now, so don’t worry. {Look for that bunting again in the nursery pics coming soon!}

A lot of the flowers they used on the table were cut straight from my mom’s garden. I loved that.

Handmade tissue paper flowers by my amazing sister. {Look for these in the nursery pics too!}

The food was fabulous. Jen {who is secretly a gourmet chef} made the above delish chicken salad with pita bread, these amazing tomato/mozzarella/basil bites, ham & cream cheese appetizers, and fruit kebobs. Seriously, it was SO good. I might have had thirds. And by that I mean the baby was clearly still hungry after my first two helpings. Gotta feed the babe.

They had this great idea to make a “Baby’s First ABC Book” by having all the guests illustrate each letter of the alphabet. This was one of the best baby shower ideas I’ve seen. It was really fun and now Baby Sister has this sweet book of hand drawn alphabet illustrations by all the people I love. High five on that one, girls!

My precious Bible study ladies brought a money tree, complete with origami money onesies!

Sweet, sweet friends. Thank you girls so much.

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